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About Yaron Margolin

"Patroclus" by Jacques-Louis David (1780). At the top of the lower back are the kidneys – a visual reminder to keep them healthy בחלקו העליון של הגב התחתון נמצאות הכליות – טוב שישארו בשליטה.

Kidney Failure
Taming the Rogue Kidneys
Vital Information

You can recover from kidney disease and kidney problems – this is a very scary phenomenon – but there is a solution. To get to the article, click here – here

Yaron Margolin infront of Laocoön and His Sons.
In the video before us (taken by the patient's wife secretly and sent to Margolin on WhatsApp when the erythropoietin tests arrived) Yaron Margolin uses his special method Margolin hilling pressures (לחיצות ההחלמה Lehitzot Hhachlamah Hebrew) manipulate the kidneys, probably for the first time, so this important hormone is lacking for synthesis.

Reconstruction of erythropoietin by the kidneys without drugs

Six degrees of guilt – Why do people avoid living their dreams?

"Six degrees of guilt" comes to say: there is a solution. And the solution linked with taking off these chains, and the feelings tied in with an ancient early difficulty of our culture in doing so. We must now take a long hard look at this phenomenon, its components and the way it appears in our everyday lives. To get to the article, click here – here

Venus and Adonis, 1595-1597

Of sexual desire and the wish for intimacy and the two different languages ​​in which they materialise:

The brains of the male and female are different, and we must take into account changes in temperament, different areas of interest and character, and so we arrive at a setup of countless conflicts originating from a different culture of interpretation of a shared experience and desire for sex and long relationsip. This different nature of reacting to same events by men and women and the as well the way in which they perceive them in their mind can either make or break the chance of creating a relationship. To get to the article, click here – here

The Allegory of Divine Providence and Barberini Power is a fresco by Italian painter Pietro da Cortona, filling the large ceiling of the grand salon of the Palazzo Barberini in Rome, Italy.

The day will come when we will sit in front of the fireplace- To get to the article, click here – here

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Note: All of the above, is not a cure or a recommendation for treatment, it is merely food for thought-

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